Weaver Chiropractic Wellness

Dr. Weaver truly cares about her patients and it shows through the amazing work her healing hands can do.  Dr. Weaver is different than many of the chiropractors I have had in the past which treat everyone the same with a generic adjustment that do not always seem to have results.  Dr. Weaver stands out from other chiropractors by truly treating her patients as individuals and adjusting them according to their particular body and aliments.  She offers so much more than adjustments in her treatment plans which include soft tissue mobilization, icing, electrical stimulation, kinesio-tapping and cupping to help the body heal itself. 

Even though I have worked for chiropractors for over five years as a massage therapist I didn't get much results from their treatments.  Many times I was left feeling worse than when I came in or I could not relax enough for them to adjust me (especially my neck area).  It wasn't until I found Dr. Weaver and experienced her expertise in chiropractic care did I truly become a believer.  Not only did she listen to all of my different problems and concerns but she took the time to find a way to adjust me so that my body could relax and allow her to do her work. 

If you are looking for someone who is caring, will listen to your needs, and to improve your health than look no further than Dr. Weaver! -Sam A.

Dr Weaver is seriously a miracle-worker. I have severe scoliosis and always hold all my tension in my neck and lower back. One adjustment and I no longer had any pain in those areas. I've struggled for years to find a good chiropractor who wasn't afraid to tackle my issues, and she is fearless! I highly, highly recommend her! -Gretchen T

Dr Weaver gave me an amazing adjustment when I was suffering from a horrible headache. I felt her adjustment was very precise and gentle as well. I was impressed how I had immediate relief following the adjustment. She also gave me follow-up care regarding how I would possibly feel later on. I would highly recommend anyone to go see Dr Weaver if you're looking for a great chiropractor. -Andrew C. 

I've been looking for a Pediatric Chiropractor for a long time, so I was excited to meet Dr. Weaver and take my kids to get treated. My kids LOVED her! Even though it can be intimidating for kids to visit a Doctor, Dr. Weaver was kind, gentle, and so caring and my kids did amazing! 

My son has a bit of an unevenly shaped head (not huge) but at one point his Pediatrician had suggested we might have to do a helmet. Dr. Weaver noticed without my even mentioning it and reassured me she would adjust his cranium in these crucial developing years (he's only one) so that developmentally he'd have no problems - wow! She in fact took great care to measure every circumference of his head in various places and his temperature on both sides, then adjusted him with a cool little machine (which my son enjoyed!) and I had the biggest sense of satisfaction from this small encounter. 

My daughter who is a little older (she's almost 4) also got her adjustments and Dr. Weaver talked with her and made her feel happy and safe in the process. 

Chiropractic care for kids helps to keep them from getting sick, it helps keep their rapidly growing bodies in good alignment, and is, in my opinion, just as important a preventative practice as it is brushing your teeth daily. If your kids aren't getting adjusted - do it. 

The best thing is her practice is inclusive of the whole family, so I got an amazing adjustment: she massaged my back with a really neat vibrating machine, maneuvered my hips to get them back in place, and adjusted my neck exactly where I needed it. 

There's plenty of parking in the building (it's the one with clear gray windows), and her office is inside of Depke Wellness suit 106 on the first floor. The space is so nice and serene it makes you want to just hang out and sip on their awesome selection of teas. 

For reals I LOVED it there and I'm so excited to have found the perfect Pediatric Chiro for my kiddoes. I'd give her 10 stars if I could! -Natalia K

I would like to thank Dr. Weaver @weaverchirowellness for the most amazing adjustment! I was visiting from Boston and she was able to arrange her schedule to fit me in and take care of my neck, back, and hip injuries!  She talked me through the entire adjustment and made me feel so comfortable and relaxed!  I definitely recommend Dr. Weaver because of her impeccable skills, knowledge, and passion for healing people!  Thank you Dr. Weaver! -Cherie C

Arm and shoulder has regained range of motion and strength.  I am able to exercise better and hopefully strengthen my arm to what it used to be.  The level of comfort has drastically improved both at home and at work.  Stress level has dropped.  -Martin M